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Asbjorn viking armor (Northmen)

Asbjorn viking armor (Northmen)

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Asbjorn viking armor from Northmen is an authentic piece for history and costume enthusiasts. Handcrafted from quality leather, armor is custom-made to fit safely and comfortably. With its intricate details, it provides a detailed recreation of traditional Viking look.

✓ Cuirass (crs0026) - $780
✓ Belt (blt0012) - $390
✓ Bracers (brc0039)- $260
✓ Pants (trs0005) - $332
✓ Boots (bts0017) - $240
Full costume - $1998 (all parts can be ordered separately, just message us).

Option #1 You can make a full payment immediately (select the appropriate item in options of listing).
Option #2 Also you can choose one of two payment options in parts: 33%+33%+33% or 50%+50% (select appropriate item in options of listing). You need to pay the first payment to start the manufacturing process. You can pay the remaining payment/payments until the end of production*. By the time the order is ready (you are shown a photo of the finished product) and the date of ship is set, the order must be paid in full (all payments are made).

Medieval viking men armor made by SokolWorkshop. Will be made according to your individual measurements Artificial aging creates effect of battle ready.

► Handmade by our leather-master team;
► High quality leather;
► Custom leather colouring, engraving and molding handcrafted;
NOTE: This item can be personalized on request (contact us)

Cosplay costume LARP warrior character Medieval mercenary costume Medieval, Renfaire, LARP and other events

Production time from 1 to 3 weeks Standard delivery time 5-10 days * (Express delivery option is paid additionally)
* Tracking numbers available on request.

!!! Handmade item : small variations in colouring are possible. If you have questions about specific products, sizes or shipping/production delays please contact us.

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