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Dark Elf costume

Dark Elf costume

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✓ Cloak with fur (rnc0009)- $271
✓ Cuirass (crs0040)- $740
✓ Pauldrons (shl0020)- $408
✓ Bracers (brc0046)- $220
✓ Belt with skirts (hprct0001)- $376
✓ Belt with straps (blt0048)- $158
✓ Leggings with spikes (shn0013) - $179
✓ Boots (bts0018)- $283
Full costume - $2635+$120 for delivery 

An exact copy of armour from Drizzt Do'urden character Will be made according to your individual measurements Artificial aging creates effect of battle ready.

✦DETAILS: Handmade by our leather-master team; High quality leather; Custom leather colouring, engraving and molding handcrafted; NOTE: This item can be personalized on request (contact us)

✦SUITABLE FOR: Cosplay costume LARP warrior character Medieval mercenary costume Medieval,renfaire, LARP and other events 

✦SHIPPING: Production time from 1 to 3 weeks Standard delivery time 7-14 days * (Express delivery option is paid additionally)
* Tracking numbers available on request.

!!! Handmade item : small variations in colouring are possible.

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