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Medieval leather bracers for Larp

Medieval leather bracers for Larp

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Medieval viking leather bracers for LARP made by SokolWorkshop. Imagined and created by our leather team. These bracers will be a great part of your viking armour or outfit. Artificial aging creates the effect of old age. Can be made of brown or black leather, with brass or stainless steel accents.

Handmade by our leather-master team; High quality leather; Custom leather colouring, engraving and molding handcrafted; NOTE: This item can be personalized on request (contact us)

✦INCLUDES: ✓ Vambracers - 2pcs

Medieval mercenary costume LARP warrior character Cosplay costume Medieval,renfaire, LARP and other events 

Production time from 1 to 3 weeks Standard delivery time 7-14 days * (Express delivery option is paid additionally) * Tracking numbers available on request.

!!! Handmade item : small variations in colouring are possible 

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