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Bear School Mastercrafted armor

Bear School Mastercrafted armor

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✔️ Gambeson with sleeves (gbs0002) - $595
✔️ Pauldrons (shl0004) - $491
✔️ Gloves (glv0006) - $220
✔️ Belt (blt0038) - $120
✔️ Boots (bts0017) - $250
👉 Full costume - $1676
(all parts can be ordered separately, just message us).

Cosplay for cosplay and LARP made by SokolWorkshop. Artificial aging creates effect of old age. Made according your individual measurements.

SUITABLE FOR: LARP warrior character Cosplay costume Medieval,renfaire, LARP and other events.

SHIPPING: Production time 1 to 3 weeks. Standard delivery 6-12 days.
* Faster shipping and tracking numbers available on request (additionnal fees may apply).

!!! Handmade item: small variations in colouring are possible.

If you have questions about specific products, sizes or shipping/production delays please contact us.

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